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Nadia Ferroukhi lives in Paris. Born of a Czech mother and an Algerian father, a nomad since her childhood. Today, she travels the planet armed with her camera, expressing herself through reports that she publishes in the French and international press, such as Geo, Le Monde, Marie Claire, Bayard Presse, Courrier International , Unesco ... She exhibits in festivals, galleries and international museums such as Visa pour l'Image, the Quai Branly Museum, the Bamako Biennale ...

Multilingual and curious, her "3rd eye" and her empathy allow her to combine all the aspirations that have animated her since childhood.

Her photographic approach highlights the richness and the differences that make up the world and especially those in the shadows. Her images tell the stories of all those who, through their distinction, contribute to the diversity of the planet. Over the years, she has built long-term stories, with a particular focus on the status of women in the world.

Nadia created the Douniatou association in 2008 to help Tumaï, a village of women in Kenya. Tumaï is part of her latest long term story Les Matriarches.

Languages & countries

Speaks & writes fluently French, English, German, Czech and notions in Arabic.

Algeria -Morocco -United Arab Emirates -Yemen -Oman -Iran -Pakistan -Egypt -Jordan -Niger -Kenya -Guinea Bissau -Burkina Fasso -Mali -Ethiopia -Madagascar -Comoros -Mexico -Guatemala -Vietnam -China -Ladakh -India -Indonesia -United States -Estonia -Czech Republic, France, Scotland


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  • GEO France & GEO International
  • Courrier International
  • Le Courrier de l'UNESCO
  • Le Monde
  • Le Monde Atlas
  • Le Monde des Religions
  • D-La Republica
  • Le Point
  • La Vie
  • Terra Mater
  • Jeune Afrique
  • Libération
  • Marie-Claire France & International
  • Marianne
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Le Figaro
  • La Croix
  • L'Humanité
  • Femmes Ici & Ailleurs
  • Science et Vie
  • AM Afrique Magazine
  • Armen
  • Jeune Afrique


  • VISA pour l’Image. Perpignan, France
    Octobre Rose. From breast cancer screening to recovery
  • Phemina Photo Festival. Fontainebleau, France
    Les Matriarches
  • Gallery Taylor. Paris, France
    Les Matriarches
  • National Opera of Montpellier, France
    In partnership with Futurapolis Health, Octobre Rose and Woman@Canon. From breast cancer screening to recovery
  • CANON Headquarters. Paris, France
    Les Matriarches
  • Photo Doc. Paris, France
    Au Nom de la Mère, les Matriarches
  • Photo Festival Les Femmes s’exposent. Houllegate, France
    Au Nom de la Mère, les Matriarches
  • Gallery Thorigny. Paris, France
    Au Nom de la Mère, les Matriarches
  • Photo Festival Escales. Bretagne, France
    Vers les îles
  • Museum Quai Branly Photoquai biennial. Paris, France
    Le Corbusier Alger / Marseille
  • Museum of Modern Art Algiers (MAMA), Algeria
    Arab world cultural year retrospective
  • Photo Festival Bamako, Mali
    Family code in Algeria
  • FNAC itinerary exhibitions. Paris, France
    Algeria facts and effects 12 years of journalism
  • Gallery Little Big. Paris, France
    Algerian chronicles
  • Photo Festival L'HO. Paris, France
    Life in the Sahara
  • City Hall of Bordeaux, France
    Le Corbusier Algiers / Marseille
  • OPEC Fund. Vienna, Austria
    Algerian chronicles
  • Festival Tchintchine. Toulouse, France
  • Festival of Solidarity 2013-2019. Chalon sur Saône, France
    Photo on Billboard for the festival
  • Centro Cultura Contemporania Barcelona, Spain
    The Hittistes, Algier’s youth
  • Photo Festival Black motion. Venice, Italy
    African Beauty


  • Youth Citizenship Association Photo Workshop - Seine-Saint-Denis
  • CANON Newsletter
  • TV Interview TV5 Monde (See it here)
  • CANON, Salon Photo - France
  • Museum Nicéphore Niepce - France
  • French Alliance of Algiers - Algeria
  • MJM, Graphic Design School - France


  • Agence Française de Développement (AFD) - France
  • Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) - France
  • Interparfums - France
  • Little Big Gallery - France
  • Thorigny Gallery - France
  • Private collections