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China, Moso

Established on the foothills of the Himalayas in ancient historical Tibet, between Yunnan and Sichuan province, on the shores of Lugu Lake (2600 meters), lives for nearly 2000 years the Moso community, built around matriarchy rules. It is the woman who bears the name of the family and holds the reins of the house, and the inheritance is transmitted from mother to daughter. The mother has the seed, the father is just the sprinkler. A Moso saying says: "If the rain does not fall from the sky, the grass does not grow in the ground."

Love is lived without a marriage contract, without moral constraints, only at the rhythm of feelings. The woman will decide if this alliance will last one evening or more. No account will be asked. The rule requires the man to leave the room of the lover before the sunrise, it is the custom of zouhun, the "marriage on foot". The man does not know the status of father, only of uncle, who will help his sister raise her children, but will not be admitted in the family of her lover unless she decides it. And fidelity? possession ? jealousy ? These words do not make sense. A striking contrast with Confucian China, where men are the authority.

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