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Algeria, 20 years retrospective

All these young ones who dream of immigration and rather risk living without papers in the West than continue to "be consumed like a candle” in the country they nevertheless love passionately. On the one hand there is a golden youth without taboos flocking into Algiers’s trendy discotheques. On the other hand, the dissatisfied with life, the youth of Belcour, the Kasbah, Bab el Oued or the suburbs, hesitate between rebellion and resignation. In the evening, near the port, dozens of small groups hang around the cargoes bound for Europe, hoping each night to illegally embark and never see Algeria again.

Between beer, hashish, rap and raï, their despair breaks out without violence, but as time flies away, the less daring give up. I note, with sadness, that for the past 20 years, this youth under 30 or almost 50% of the population, has never stopped looking across the Mediterranean.

The Hirak - a movement of Friday demonstrations since February 16, 2019 in Algeria - has brought a glimmer of hope and national and international pride. But will all this energy spent over a whole year, this rage to demand the destitution of an entire system bear its fruits? Abdelmadjid Tebboune won the presidential election on Friday, December 13, 2019, but was immediately challenged by the powerful protest movement. Interrupted by the appearance of the Coronavirus, the road still seems long ...

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