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The French Basque Country

The French Basque Country is a region lying on the west of the French department of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, including three former historic French provinces in the north-east of the traditional Basque Country, the Lower Navarre and the Labourd

It is delimited in the north by the department of Landes, in the west by the Bay of Biscay, in the south by the Southern Basque Country and in the east by Béarn (although in the Béarnese village of Esquiule, Basque is spoken), which is the eastern part of the department.

Bayonne and Biarritz are its chief towns popular tourist destination and is somewhat distinct from neighbouring parts of either France or the southern Basque Country, since it was not industrialized as Biscay or Gipuzkoa and remained agricultural and a beach destination.

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