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France, Ouessantin

Ouessant Island, called the island at the end of the world, is located in the extreme point of Brittany. Of a surface of 15,58 km2, it is about 20 kilometers away from the coast. The island shelters a social curiosity. Indeed, since the XVIIth century, the male population of Ouessant massively embarks into the navy and more particularly into the merchant navy.

Men left Ouessant for months or even years and the material and social organization of the island was a matter for women. The role of men was reduced to a simple representation when they returned to the island. Stories tell that women, tired of seeing their husbands going round in circles only a few days after returning, sent them to the bars, and the order was given not to return home until very late. Meet the last women who still knew this time when men were absent from the island for a long time.

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