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Mexico, Zapotec

Juchitan, city of 10,000 inhabitants in the state of Oaxaca, where the mother of Frida Kahlo originates. Known for its vela (feasts) in honor of Saint-Vincent-Ferrier, the saint patron. The women of Juchitan have always enjoyed rare power and independence in a patriarchal society like Mexico. While Mexico is known for its machismo, in Juchitan, over the centuries, men and women have conquered well identified territories of autonomy.

Women have their space: the trade, the organization of parties, the house - Men: agriculture and fishing. It is one of the few places in Mexico where the dialect of the Zapotec people is still spoken. A language preserved that allowed them to develop a remarkable feminine solidarity which is at the base of their matriarchal model. The name, the house, the inheritance go through the women and the birth of a girl is therefore a great rejoicing.

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